Bespoke Flower Blend


A remedy as unique as you are
A customised blend of Flower Essences harnessing the potent vibrational properties of an alchemy of flowers most suited to addressing your current concerns or desires.

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Product Description

Bespoke Flower Essence Blends
Your opportunity to allow us to co-create a blend or blends for you based on your specific needs or desires. Book a consultation and we will discuss which of the powerful Flower Essence allies are the ones you need to address your current concerns.

I create bespoke blends working with the Australian Bush Flower Essences, the Bach Flower Essences and Flower Essences I have created myself, exquisite Flower Essences from around the world. Each bespoke blend is unique, alchemising specific essences I support your current journey, whatever that might be. We address the cause of the issues present, rather than alleviating the symptoms of dis-ease, whether it be an emotional or physical issue.

• Take 7 drops under the tongue first thing in the morning and last thing at night and avoid eating /drinking for 5 minutes before/after ingesting the essence.
• Take with a moment of stillness and a full and gentle breath in, a complete breath out.


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