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Flower Essences and the Death of a Pet
My beautiful border terrier, Webster, graced my life for 10 years. He was my constant companion, my boy. He was a great teacher to me in working with flower essences and animals.

Our animals pick up on our energy, they have no filter against it, and Webster was a sensitive soul like his Mama! I worked with Flower Essences with Webster from when he came to me as an 8-week old puppy. Flower Essences work alongside conventional medicine, the two are very compatible, but Flower Essences provide fast acting, effective remedy without the harsh or toxic effects that some drugs carry. There are no side effects to Flower Essences and, like a human taking in more natural Vitamin C than the body needs, we, and our animals, simply don’t use any essence we don’t need.

Webster had an array of essences we used periodically. We worked with the Australian Bush Essence Purifying Blend, an emotional and physical elimination to clear and cleanse, both seasonally and after his vaccinations. (We took a Titer test annually to test his antibody levels so vaccinations were only given when his antibody levels were below levels considered safe, rather than routinely vaccinating). We worked with various combinations of Flower Essences to boost his immunity. Several years ago he ruptured his Anterior Cruciate Ligament and I worked with Flower Essences pre, during and and post his surgery. In his recovery post surgery I worked with Essences that specifically addressed the repair of tendons and ligaments, Essences that helped to flush the anesthetic from his system, Essences that help to heal scars both physically and energetically by working on the meridian lines, and also an Essences that addresses the frustration of having restricted movement for weeks and months post surgery. Restricting an active Terrier to short lead walks was not fun for either of us! In short I believe using Essences helped Webster and I at many of the stages of his life, but perhaps none more so than in his final weeks here with us and as he passed away.

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Flower Essences and the dying process

I was given the prognosis that Webster had a tumour on his spinal cord and had, as an estimate, between 4 and 12 weeks life expectancy. The surgery and radiotherapy options were in my opinion too aggressive to put him through as they couldn’t eradicate the issue given its location, they may simply have bought him a matter of weeks, but this time would have been spent in complete bed rest given the invasiveness of the surgery. The choices around these options are very personal and we each have differing beliefs but I was confident that, for us, surgery and/or radiotherapy was not an option. I wanted to make his time here as comfortable and enjoyable as possible and to let Webster go when he was ready to.

We were offered the option of a Chemotherapy tablet, which could slow the rate of growth of the tumour, but had a high likelihood of side effects that included total loss of appetite, painful burning sensations when urinating and blood in the urine. The nature of the tablet, a low dose daily, meant that the Bladder could become very inflamed and irritated as it passed the drug daily and the stomach lining irritated resulting in loss of appetite.

I turned to my friend and mentor: the person who trained me to work with Flower Essences and animals. A beautiful lady who has taught me to trust my heart in listening to, trusting in, and simply facilitating the powerful flow of an animal’s capacity to respond to the healing potential in Flower Essences.

We used combinations of Flower Essences to address the possible side effects of the drugs. One combination addressing the stomach issues; a soothing, calming blend, and one combination to address the potential bladder issues; bringing protection and balancing the very ‘Yang’ aggressive effects of the Chemotherapy drug. The possible side effects of the drug on the bladder were those of:

  • Heat
  • Stinging sensation
  • Pain on urinating
  • Irritation
  • Inflammation

Any human who has experienced Cystitis will relate and the blend created for Webster in this scenario would serve anyone with Cystitis very well. In this instance Webster was showing us something that can and will continue to serve; this combination is now in my ‘Go-to’ apothecary for Urinary tract, Cystitis and Bladder issues and as I type this one friend has already attested to the benefits of this blend in treating cystitis.

Right through his remaining time here Webster never had blood in his urine, never showed signs of discomfort urinating and did not display any of the ‘very likely’ side effects of his medication.

It gives me a genuine pleasure and true comfort to be able to say that up to the day he was put to sleep Webster retained his voracious appetite and his love of food; especially cheese, and veal sausage treats. At this stage of his time here with me treats were abundant; cheese was not off limits and he ate exceptionally well. It was a simple way for me to bring joy to us both.

Our wonderful vet, Lily, suggested testing his urine for blood fortnightly rather than the suggested weekly testing, as she was so happy with his condition. Right through his remaining time here Webster never had blood in his urine, never showed signs of discomfort urinating and did not display any of the ‘very likely’ side effects of his medication. I truly believe this to be because he was so well supported with the Flower Essences.

I was also liberally using the Emergency Essence for us both; the diagnosis was a shock and his final two months I was definitely into the process of grief, in shock and holding space for My Boy; all of which were challenging and I too drew on the support of the Flower Essences.

Staying as present to Webster’s needs as possible as his condition progressed was important in objectively doing the right thing by him and again my knowledge of and trust in the Flower Essences and my tools of meditation, yoga and breath-work held me when I needed support.

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Many people said to me ‘you will know when the time is right’. It was a phrase that grated on me, and I didn’t know that I would know; I had not walked this path before. It did become clear in his final days that Webster was ready to leave. In this time I again worked with Flower Essences this time turning to a blend of the Australian Bush Flower Essences called the Transition essence.
This blend is for any major life transition; moving house, changing job, change in relationship and the final transition for us all, when we depart our physical being.

In Webster’s final hours I sprayed the room with, and administered to him orally, the Transition drops. He was very relaxed and calm, so much so that our vet did not need to administer a pre-med sedative but was simply able to inject Webster with the euthanasia drug as he lay in my arms. His transition was swift, and pain free. If I had to use one word to describe the process that word would be ‘peaceful’.

I appreciate that not all circumstances are so fortunate and that whilst working through a beloved animals demise does bring immense emotional pain and upset it does afford the opportunity to say and do all you feel you need to and to afford a certain amount of choice around the circumstances of the final moments. For this I am ever grateful. In equal measure I know that without the Flower Essences our journey would not have been so smooth or so supported. It was pointed out to me after Webster had passed that I had started the grieving process upon receiving his diagnosis and I only realised this with hindsight.

It was hard watching Webster go through the process that he did in his final two months, whilst feeling powerless to alleviate him from the condition. As ever I am in awe of the scope and magnitude that the Flower Essences can reach. I am indebted to the support and guidance that I received, on many levels, at this time, and I certainly include the Flower Essences as an integral part of that support.

Young happy girl in yellow dress dancing barefoot in a park

You are only reading this far if your animal is family, is your best friend, is your soul mate or is your world. Webster was all of this and more to me. As many of us are fortunate enough to experience the love of a dog is unconditional, ever expansive and beyond generous. I miss my Boy so much and I know the process of grieving fully will be a long road, but I also know that all I learned with Webster will both help me, and help me to help others and I trust that Webster is guiding me still, nudging gently as he used to when he wanted more cheese. If my advocating the use of Flower Essences can help one animal, or their owner, through this part of our Soul’s journey together I feel honoured and happy to serve, the reality is I truly hope it will help many more..

I am very aware that ‘healing’ does not always mean to cure or fix. Sometimes healing is simply finding acceptance in a situation that is beyond our control.

I am very aware that ‘healing’ does not always mean to cure or fix. Sometimes healing is simply finding acceptance in, or making as easeful as possible, a situation beyond our control. I can fully attest to the healing potential in the Flower Essences, on many levels. Please do contact me of you would like to learn more about the use of Flower Essences in helping your animal thrive in their daily life or in supporting their wellbeing; emotionally, mentally and physically.

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Please do contact me if you would like to know more about supporting your animal, you or your family through any aspect of your pet’s transition and dying process.