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Self Love Blend


Self-acceptance. Self-love. Releasing resistance to receiving love.
This blended remedy guides us home to our Self. It is a deeply heart-nourishing blend that reminds us, as from time to time we all forget, how to blossom.

“I am worthy of love. I proceed with a full, soft-hearted, open presence softening my obstructions and resistance to self-acceptance”.

Product Description

The Self Love Blend
The Self Love remedy blend addresses the blocks and resistance we create around loving and accepting ourselves as we are.

This beautiful formula allows us to receive love and acknowledge our worth and validity, softening the barriers we may have constructed to protect ourselves from being hurt or to prevent the perpetuation of past hurts.

Forgiving ourselves for our perceived shortcomings. This remedy engenders the confidence and courage to be vulnerable, visible, and openhearted whilst cultivating deep trust in ourselves.

Self Love helps us release the fear of rejection as we surrender the need for others approval. This remedy softly guides us home towards love, trust and our natural state of flow, the opposite of control and rigidity.

• Take 7 drops under the tongue first thing in the morning and last thing at night and avoid eating /drinking for 5 minutes before /after ingesting the essence.
• Take with a moment of stillness, several slow gentle breaths in and out, and a connection to your heart.

Additional information


• Made with pure spring water
• Brandy (preservative)
• A blend of vibrational flower essences

• Made with pure spring water
• Colloidal silver (preservative)
• A blend of vibrational flower essences

* Store alcohol free essences in a fridge.


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